Allen Liu



Xianzhongge “Allen” Liu was born and raised in Beijing, China, a city with a long history and traditional beauty. Allen came to the United States in 2019 when he started his Master’s in Landscape Architecture.

In the process of high-intensity modern urban construction in Beijing, the impact of old and new cultures made Allen curious about the living environment and human interaction with nature. This curiosity made Allen choose Urban Planning and Architecture as his major for the undergraduate program. Allen once attended a workshop at Square du Vert-Galant, Paris that taught him how to think and design with local landscape in mind and that made him interested in pursuing a career in landscape architecture. Allen’s design philosophy follows the traditional values of the East and creates an environment where people and nature live in harmony.

Allen is a foodie; you can find a wide variety of traditional Chinese food in his kitchen, and after moving to Miami he is now exploring rich South and Latin American cuisine here.


Master in Landscape Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelor in Engineer of Urban Planning and Design, Tianjin University