Asif Khan



Born and raised in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Asif developed a love for crafting environments that inspire and uplift from an early age. This love ultimately led him to study architecture at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Nawab Bari, Bangladesh.

Asif’s approach to design is grounded in a commitment to functional rationality and aesthetic harmony. He strives to create spaces that not only serve their intended purpose but also evoke a sense of wonder and connection between the built and natural worlds. This desire to help people connect with spaces through nature led Asif to be granted a full-ride scholarship to pursue his master’s degree in landscape architecture at Iowa State University.

With half a decade of experience, Asif’s work spans South Asia and North America, where he has collaborated with creatives, architects, and developers to deliver impactful architectural, landscape, educational, and healthcare projects. As an Associate at RJI, he brings his expertise and dedication to creating functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Asif finds joy in watercolor painting, poetry, reading, traveling, and cooking. These diverse interests fuel his creativity and enrich his designs with elements of beauty, culture, and purpose. Fluent in English, Bangla, and Hindi, he embraces his multicultural background, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes and traditions he encounters.


Bachelor of Architecture, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Master of Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University