Bryce Donner



Born and raised in the subtropical metropolis of Miami, Bryce has a visual arts background from Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami’s Design District.

Bryce went on to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, keen on exploring artful ways culture can nurture ecology. Much of his work there focused on sustainable design within Florida’s Spring Heartland, a region that encompasses over one thousand freshwater springs, thirteen communities, and nearly a million acres of farmland, pasture and preserved lands. In 2018, the Landscape Architecture Foundation named him a National Olmsted Scholar Finalist for his proposal to build Underwater Gardens in Gilchrist Blue Springs in North Florida. The project aims to immerse visitors in the aquatic beauty of the spring while restoring the biodiversity and botanical richness of the spring-run stream ecosystem. Bryce believes that with a global understanding of our relationship to coasts and aquifers, Landscape Architecture can reignite our connection to water.

As a recurring intern at RJI, Bryce was involved in the restoration of the landmark Ford Foundation atrium garden New York City, as well as the Miami Riverwalk and residential estate gardens in Miami and the Caribbean. Bryce is a Designer at RJI and is involved in all aspects of a project from schematic design to construction documents, bringing beautiful gardens to life.

Bryce enjoys swimming, gardening, bike riding, freediving in Florida springs, exploring Biscayne Bay, and raising his tortoises.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Florida