Lesley Perez

Senior Associate


Lesley is a Senior Associate at Raymond Jungles. As a project manager and team leader, she strives for strong relationships with an ethos of collaborative design iteration.

Lesley is especially interested in the ways in which landscapes are physically articulated and experienced. Her work is shaped by a diverse background, including a previous career in graphic design and training in dance and fine art.

Though a native Floridian, Lesley embarked on her career in landscape architecture in London, where she lived, studied, and worked for more than a decade. During her time in the UK she developed a passion for gardens and planting design, as well as a new appreciation for the landscapes of coastal waterways, wetlands, and rugged flora she inhabited in her youth. She has since worked for respected firms in both London and New York City, and is thrilled to be able to fold all of these experiences into her role at Raymond Jungles, practicing landscape architecture in a climate which has proved an ongoing source of inspiration.

Previous project experience spans cultural landscapes, private residential estates, mixed-use urban developments, botanical gardens, farms, urban trails, and academic campuses. A thread throughout all of Lesley’s work is the aim for richness of experience combined with lasting environmental stewardship.


Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Greenwich, London
Diploma in Horticulture, English Gardening School, London
B.Sc. in Advertising, University of Florida