Andrew Furmanski

Senior Associate


Andrew brings over a decade of experience to the team at Raymond Jungles. His work spans North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, where he has collaborated with developers, governments, and creatives to deliver architectural, landscape, urban, and public art projects.

Providing expertise in the design and execution of projects, he develops project strategies, enjoys collaborating with kindred professionals, and can deliver significant projects of varying typologies. He is passionate about exploring sustainable and creative design methodologies that add value to our cities, improve livability in our communities, and promote biodiversity in our environment.

In 2018 he was nominated for a World Architecture News Award for his work in Qingdao, China – an elegant, soaring architectural canopy composed of nearly equal parts brass and glass.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog, Boom Boom, or in the kitchen cooking food with his cat, Xiao Xiao.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Georgia