Calvin Pojar



A native of Colorado, Calvin grew up in a historic enclave in Denver, where he developed a deep appreciation for outdoor spaces. Throughout his childhood, he explored a variety of environments, ranging from the cultivated urban gardens of Saco DeBoer to the natural mountain parks envisioned by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr. These experiences solidified his preference for outdoor spaces and instilled a sense of curiosity in him.

Calvin, a former collegiate athlete with a passion for baseball and biology, decided to pursue a degree in landscape architecture at Colorado State University. As a student, he focused on addressing erosion issues in the Gulf Coast region of Louisiana.

After graduating, Calvin embarked on immersive travel experiences that inspired a strong interest in tropical and subtropical landscapes. Excited to contribute to the restoration and preservation of native ecosystems, he is eager to join RJI and align his passion with his work.


Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture - Colorado State University