Hannah Janzen



Hannah is a Florida native, with Canadian roots. Spending most of her childhood outdoors, she developed a deep relationship to nature, growing up and learning from Florida’s diverse ecosystems.  She draws inspiration from Florida’s hardwood hammocks and swamp wetlands, which drive her pursuit to preserve and restore wild places.

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida in 2023. With a strong interest in design and environmentalism, she found landscape architecture to be the perfect blend of her passions. Throughout school, she gravitated towards native plant design, habitat restoration and connectivity, regenerative agriculture, and “urban rewilding”.

Excited to be joining the RJI team, Hannah is deeply motivated to create a professional ethic that is sensitive, experimental, and listens closely to our natural and built environment. She believes successful projects are deeply rooted in understanding the ecological system of the area and its constant evolution. Her design approach intermingles a curated wildness with human use of the space in order to reconnect people with nature and the memory of the land.

In her free time, Hannah explores her creative side through jewelry-making, print-making, and videography. She also enjoys yoga, gardening, biking, and listening to music.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - University of Florida