Lucia Bayley



Lucia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she developed a love for both the vibrant city life and the serene beauty of nature. Despite being a city dweller, she spent much of her time in La Patagonia, where she cultivated a deep connection to the outdoors and gained an appreciation for the natural world’s intricacies and wonders.

In 2016, Lucia embarked on a new journey by moving to Miami to pursue a degree in Environmental Science at Florida International University.¬†After graduation, Lucia delved into organic farming and landscape architecture, recognizing the profound impact these fields could have on shaping sustainable environments and enriching children’s lives. This realization fueled her decision to pursue a Master’s in Landscape Architecture + Urbanism at the University of Southern California in August 2020.

Immersing herself in the vibrant urban landscape of Los Angeles, Lucia explored the intricate narratives woven into landscape design, serving as the president of the ASLA Chapter at USC for two of her three years there. Her thesis project, “A Point of Confluence: Re-thinking Large Landscape Infrastructure Design,” earned her both National and Regional ASLA Awards in 2023, further solidifying her commitment to innovative and impactful design.

Now, as a Designer at RJI, Lucia merges her passion for environmental justice, residential design, and childhood development with a dedication to sustainability. She believes in the transformative power of landscape architecture to shape not only physical spaces but also the experiences and well-being of communities.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Lucia embraces her multicultural background, drawing inspiration from her travels, photography, and the diverse landscapes she encounters.


Florida International University - Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Certificate in Agroecology
University of Southern California - Master of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism